Portrait are Timeless


Finally I have set up my new freshly painted studio in Ibiza, coming back to my first Love in photography; “Kids”. I have made a very good promotion until the end of this year, 99 euros for 10 Full HD  high end retouched photo inside
studio with natural light source and flashes if required.

1 hour section included the princess/clothes or pirates/clothes, hair flowers, hat, sunglasses, necklace, all accessories for kids and mother from 1 to 88 years ! Posing and lighting free.

*** options: 10 favorite print 15×20 cm and the files on usb key ( required )

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Frequent photographs of your children can show how they grow and change better than any pencil-mark on a doorframe. I am  trained to capture the perfect smile and the most beautiful expression in every one of our kids photos, forever recording awkward and cute phases, missing teeth and sassy personalities. To give you and your children portraits to cherish and share.